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Modules: Application Areas, Products, Systems


Protan E-Academy is an electronic course, which shall provide you with a good overview of Protan's products and systems for use as roofing and membranes within buildings. Products and solutions for membranes in wet rooms and radon proofing are also a part of the course. The course is a good guide, which will help you find the right products and good technical solutions for the most common application areas and constructions.


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Course Structure

The course consists of three modules: Application areas, Products, and Systems. You can easily navigate between the course modules and use it as an encyclopaedia to reference the exact topic you are interested in or you can work systematically through the course. Within the modules, you will also be presented with some tasks as part of the training.


Target Audience

The course is suited for all who are interested in waterproofing buildings, whether you are an architect, a engineer/consultant, a builder or if you work for Protan. You can choose to use the course according to your needs.